H146(3 type)

F1-Off Road Big Weels Professional Car

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1. Fashionable frame design, full-time 4WD, independent suspension, adjustable tie rod, oil-embossed tooth shock absorber, metal dog-bone wheel cup, metal drive shaft off-road, Diecast differential, strong off-road and passing performance

2. The thickness of the chassis is 2.5mm aluminum alloy 6061 material, (the 6061 Diecast is aluminum, magnesium, and silicon alloy, which is a heat-treated corrosion-resistant Diecast)

3.17g large torque steering gear, light and flexible. Stable 2.4G RC system, strong sense of control.

4.The use of PA66 reinforced nylon makes the whole vehicle more aggressive when colliding

5. The battery position can be compatible with a variety of sizes of lithium batteries

6. The tire material and manufacturing process have both good grip and wear resistance. The tires use all-terrain tire skins. The tire skins are designed with multiple Xiaoding and can also exert good grip characteristics on flat roads. The tire skin is moderately soft

7. The maximum diameter of the oil-embossed tooth shock absorber is 17mm, and the rebound speed is fast. It can increase the time of tire grip when walking on uneven roads, thereby increasing the grip.

8. Protection function: 1. Charging; 2. Card death; 3. High temperature; 4. Low pressure


F1-Off Road Professional Car

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


8K Mulit-Angle HD Drone(Easy Control)
F1-Off Road Big Weels Professional Car
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